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    Abhimanyu Sinha
    Abhimanyu Sinha
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    Experience of 29 Years (1983, Till Date) in Hindustan Times (Now HT Media Ltd.) to work on various arenas of profile like:  
    • Illustrations related to various topics. 
    • Cartoon, Creatures. 
    • Graphics, Graphics illustrations. 
    • Cover Designing / Illustrations for Books / Magazines. India and Abroad. 
    • Oil and Acrylic Painting, Digital Painting, mixed medium painting and portrait  
    Group Shows: 
    Colors of youth, March 2012 at KalaMitra Gallery, NOIDA 
    Mystique Group Art Exhibition Sept.2012 at India Habitat Centre.Delhi 
    Group Show: ION Art Gallery, Singapore. 
    Group Show: 26 Akhil Bhartita Kala Pradarshni, jan.2013, at Arpana Art Gallery New Delhi 
    Group Show: nine painters, April 2013 at KalaMitra Gallery, NOIDA 
    Group Show: Ideas and Dreams, June 2013 Summer Exhibition of Painting at Kala Mitra Gallery, NOIDA 
    �Group Show: �Himalayan Tsunami� July2013 at Green mark art Gallery NCR Delhi. 
    �President house (2009).  
    �Ministry of Law (2009-10-11) Personal collection. 
    �Kala Mitra Gallery 2012, DELHI. 
    �Personal Collection UCO Bank. 
    Having done numerous acrylic and digital paintings, my emphasis lies on the idea and the concept driving my work and the use of mostly bright colours and bold strokes to bring it out. The �Texture of Life� series engages with the dynamics of womanhood and �Antique� presents a range of collectible items in a new light. But majorly my idea driven paintings are a part of the series �Mind� about which I present a few details here. 
    The series �Mind� with self-explanatory titles evokes Freud�s analogy of the mind as an iceberg which floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water. Primarily dealing with life�s vicissitudes and the confrontation of the mind with modern, urban chaos, the series depicts the different shades of life and its multifarious aspects. So, whereas �Let Me Sleep� shows the need and lack of a tranquil mind, �Reflection� and �Meditation�