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    Gurukinkar Dhang
    Gurukinkar Dhang
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    Gurukinkar inspired by none other than renowned psychologist Sigmund Freud. The conflict between human beings and society takes form on 24 of his acrylic on canvases. He believes that though several millennia ago civilization took place, yet human beings possess a few remnants of  
    pre-historic fragments within themselves, intriguing him no end., Started painting when he was 15 years and has been doing so ever since, drawing inspiration from Freudian theories on the unconscious mind, sexual desires transference, etc.  
    He participated in many national and international exhibitions.

    b. 1976 
    B.V.A from Govt. College of Art and craft with 1st class ( Calcutta University) in 2002., 

    2009 International group show at Royal Academy (U.K) London, Organized by Burland Art Galleries, United Kingdom, England.  
    2008 summer show at Nobel Sage art Gallery , organized by Nobel sage Gallery, London N29EL, England.  
    2010 Inter national art show in Denmark Bed Hotel.  
    2010 nice expro in France cureted by PK Maheswari, Delhi.  
    Buruland galleries presents Indian Modern Art 2009 ..  
    The Old court room, Lincolns Inn, London,WC 2A3TL.  
    2011- India art festival 2011 at Neheru center ,Mumbai.  
    1997 - 2001 annual show at Govt. college of Art & Craft, Kolkata, India.  
    2003 ' Impression' at Academy of fine arts,Kolkata.  
    2005 Contemporary Group Show Organiged by Russian Information center , at Gorky sadan. Kolkata.  
    2002 - 2004Rajya Charukala Pradarsani, Kolkata.  
    2002, 2003, 2005 , 2009 - All India Annual Show at Academy of fine arts. Kolkata.  
    1999, 2001, 2002- Annual show Oriental Socity. Kolkata.  
    1997,1998, 1999, 2000,2001 Annual show Govt College of Art and Craft, Kolkata.  
    2009 contemporary fine art exhibition at Art Attic Gallery, organized by Indian Art Ideas gallery ,New Delhi.  
    2011 Black present contemporary art show at ' The Stadel' Kolkata,India.  
    2011 'Multiform'contemporary art show at ' The Stadel' Kolkata,India.  
    1999,2000 All India National art exhibition ,Organized by Indian Society of Oriental, Kolkata.  
    2012 , 'Kolkata canvas' present Contemporary art show in Academy of fine arts,Kolkata.  
    2012, 'tomorrw' contemporary art show at Camould art gallery,Kolkata.  
    2012 , Black present ANVIL at Academy of fine arts.