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    Paintings Etc at Office Expo 2017
    To reach out to our corporate clients Paintings Etc participated in the office Expo 2017 held at Marina bay Sands , Singapore.

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    End of uninspiringoffice spaces, brighten up the workplace with Art. Paintings Etc offerspaintings on lease for Offices.

    Leasing paintings is a cost-effectiveway to eliminate the initial outlay of buying artworks outright. Leasing ofpaintings is convenient as it can be accounted as an annual expense.

    A lot of times companies do notbuy artworks as there is a valid concern as to which department within thecompany has the expertise to manage the collection of art works, the nittygritty of selection, installation, storage and maintenance can be overwhelmingfor office staff who are not trained in this field. Leasing frees the companymanagement of this tiresome process.

    Leasing can be the first choicewhen the company needs to move office every few years (which is case for mostSingapore based firms). It can be challenging to fit an existing collection of artinto a new office space, our paintings can be leased on an annual basis ormatched with the office lease to ensure a smooth transition into a new space.

    Paintings are aestheticallyappealing but the most important reason why companies, big and small, lease paintingsis to break the monotony, when staff and visitors are simply bored of the samelook in office. Instead of remodeling the office, just by changing thepaintings on the wall, a sense of freshness and renewed energy can beexperienced.

    Paintings Etc specializes inpaintings for offices. Clients can select from a large inventory of landscapes,abstract and semi abstract works. For more information please speak to aPaintings Etc specialist who will provide details about our product offering.






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